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Handling and manipulation constraints.

Laboratory packaging test: Focus on handling and ASTM/ISTA ISO Standards

During packaging handling operations, whether manual or mechanical, packaged products are often exposed to significant risks of damage. These risks vary depending on the expertise of the handlers and the equipment used for handling.

One of the major constraints is related to shocks from free falls. The size of the packaging plays a crucial role, influencing the choice of handling methods and, consequently, suitable laboratory testing techniques.

Analysis of test protocols for packaging resistance to manual and mechanical handling

Our laboratory is equipped to faithfully simulate these handling conditions, using manual and mechanical testing methods such as:

Realistic Handling Simulations with Test Equipment Compliant with International Standards

The free fall test involves lifting the packaging to a specific height and then letting it fall onto a rigid surface. This method allows us to measure the effectiveness of cushioning and the stability of the pallet load, taking into account the packaging's mass and the severity of the test.

The inclined plane test is used to replicate typical lateral stresses during handling, providing a comprehensive assessment of risks associated with transportation and handling.

Test de chutes
Test de chutes
Plan incliné
Plan incliné

FAQ on laboratory packaging tests: Handling and ASTM/ISTA ISO Standards

Packaged products are often exposed to the risk of damage during handling, whether manual or mechanical. These risks vary depending on the expertise of the handlers and the equipment used.

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