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ISO 2248 - Complete filled shipping packages - Free-fall vertical impact test

ISO 2248 is an international standard that defines a procedure for testing the resistance of complete and filled shipping packages to vertical impact by free fall. This standard is designed to assess the ability of a package to withstand impacts that may occur during transportation and handling. The key points of this standard include:

1. Test objective: The primary objective of the test according to ISO 2248 is to examine the effects of a vertical impact on a package. The test can be used as an independent test to measure impact resistance, or it can be integrated into a series of tests to evaluate the overall performance of a package in a distribution system.

2. Test methodology: The test involves the free fall of the package from a certain height. The drop height is typically determined based on the weight of the package and the anticipated level of risk during transportation and handling. The package is usually subjected to multiple drops to assess its resistance to repeated impacts.

3. Evaluation of results: After the test, the package is examined for any signs of damage. This may include deformations, breakages, cracks, or any other changes that could affect the package's ability to protect its contents. The test results can be used to determine if a package is suitable for a particular use, or to compare the impact resistance of different types of packaging.

It is important to note that ISO 2248 only provides a test method for evaluating impact resistance. Other factors, such as compression strength, moisture resistance, and long-term durability, may also be important in determining the overall performance of a package.

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