Transportation ConstraintsTransportation Constraints

Transport Aptitude Validation

Distribution Circuit

The distribution circuit represents the path a finished product must traverse from its manufacturing site to the distributor/user's location. Throughout this duration, numerous constraints arise:

These constraints can potentially lead to severe damage to both packaging and products. The risk can range from minor non-compliance upon receipt to accidents during transportation.

The costs involved are typically high, encompassing risks for the end-user, product destruction, delivery delays, damage to brand reputation, and financial losses.

Transport Aptitude Validation tests provide a solution to mitigate these risks and address the question: Will my product arrive in good condition to my customer? The primary advantage of conducting such tests in a laboratory setting is the ability to consider worst-case constraints, which is not feasible in the case of real-world transport testing. Additionally, the turnaround time for these tests averages 3 to 5 days, thus saving time in the launch schedule of a new product.

Product Launch

Among the various tests commonly used, we find:

FOCUS on ASTM D4169 Standard

Performance Testing Standard for Shipping Packaging Systems

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Transport Aptitude Validation

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