Accreditation - Certification

Why are we an accredited testing laboratory by COFRAC and certified ISO 9001, CSR, UN, and ISTA?

Our accreditation by COFRAC and our ISO 9001, CSR, UN, and ISTA certifications are not mere formalities, but rather a demonstration of our commitment to excellence, reliability, and social and environmental responsibility. These recognitions attest to the dedication of our testing laboratory and its collaborators to quality, integrity, impartiality, and confidentiality, which constitute our promise of a trust-based collaboration built on expertise.

Technical Excellence: COFRAC accreditation (Accreditation No. 1-6986_Scope available at www.cofrac.fr) ensures the accuracy and reliability of our tests. This rigor for our testing laboratory is essential for our clients in their validation processes.

Quality and Continuous Improvement: ISO 9001 certification by AFAQ demonstrates our constant quest for improvement, ensuring efficient service tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Social Responsibility: Our CSR label testifies to our commitment to a sustainable future. We adopt responsible and environmentally respectful practices, in line with the expectations of our partners who are aware of their social and environmental impact.

Securing Your Packaging: ISTA certification (International Safe Transit Association) ensures alignment of our methods with international product safety standards, providing additional peace of mind to our clients and reducing risks related to product handling and transportation, thereby enhancing their security throughout the supply chain.


Accréditation - Certificats

Accréditation ISO 17025
pdf-373.59 kB

Accréditation ISO 17025 délivrée par le COFRAC

Certificat ISO 9001 - 2022 - 2025
pdf-269.06 kB

Délivré par l'AFAQ

Label RSE 2021 - 2024
pdf-451.9 kB

Délivré par l'AFAQ

Certificat ISTA 2023 - 2025
pdf-672.63 kB

Délivré par l'ISTA

Certificat ISTA Thermal
pdf-519.4 kB
Agrément UN - JORF n°0298 du 24 décembre 2023
pdf-143.27 kB

Arrêté du 19 décembre 2023 portant agrément de la société METROPACK pour le contrôle des emballages destinés au transport des marchandises dangereuses par voies terrestres et maritime

Accreditation - Certification

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ISTA Certification
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UN Certification
Que ce que la certification UN des emballages?
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