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NF H00-058 - localized compression testing

What is the NF H00-058 standard and its role in packaging resilience?

The NF H00-058 standard plays a pivotal role in the packaging industry by specifying a precise protocol for testing the ability of full and solid shipping packages to withstand various stresses. These stresses include pressure exerted by heterogeneous stacks of packages, assorted objects, or unforeseen events such as a person stepping on the packaging.

Localized Compression Test: An important method for testing packaging durability

This test employs a test mass to simulate the pressure that packaging might experience during transport and handling, allowing for the evaluation of packaging resistance and the protection it offers to its contents. It can be conducted in isolation or included as part of a series of tests to measure the overall resistance of packaging in a distribution system that involves such risks.

Practical application of NF H00-058 standard: Dimensions and criteria for shipping packaging

The standard applies to packaging with face dimensions subject to testing exceeding 200 mm. This means it can be used for a wide range of shipping packages, provided they meet the specified size criteria.

In summary

The NF H00-058 standard is essential for ensuring the safety and integrity of packaging during transportation. It provides a reliable methodology for testing their resistance, thereby ensuring better content protection and reduced risks during the distribution process.

FAQ on NF H00-058 Standard and localized compression test

The NF H00-058 standard is an industry-specific testing method that defines a protocol for testing the resistance of shipping packaging to localized compression. This is essential to assess their durability under various stresses related to transportation and handling.

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