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ASTM D880 - Test Method for Impact Testing for Shipping Containers and Systems

ASTM D880, "Standard Test Method for Impact Testing for Shipping Containers and Systems," is a standard procedure established by ASTM International. This testing standard provides guidelines for conducting impact tests on loaded containers or shipping units, including boxes, crates, barrels, drums, kegs, bags, sacks, pails, pallets, etc.

The impact test is of significant importance as it simulates the impacts that containers may experience during manual or mechanical handling and transportation. It is a resistance test that assesses the ability of packaging to withstand shocks and protect its contents. This method also allows for the observation of progressive failure of packaging and damage to the contents.

ASTM D880 includes two distinct procedures:

1. Procedure A, which is designed to test the resilience of a container or transport unit to impacts.
2. Procedure B, which focuses on evaluating the ability of a container, transport unit, or interior cushioning (or a combination thereof) to protect the contents when subjected to impacts.

These procedures are suitable for testing a variety of containers made from different materials or material combinations, as well as different types of transport units, such as pallet loads or palletized units. Additionally, this test method is particularly suitable for large or heavily loaded containers.

The standard complies with the requirements of ISO 2244, although it's important to note that ISO 2244 may not cover all the requirements of this test method. ASTM D880 does not intend to simulate the rail car coupling environment - for that, reference should be made to ASTM Test Method D4003 and ASTM Test Methods D5277.

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