Audit and advisory servicesAudit and advisory services

Audit and advisory services

Understanding the constraints to which products are exposed is a pivotal step in the packaging development process. This notably enables the construction of a tailored validation protocol.

Recording transportation constraints

Conducting an audit of your distribution network

  • assessing and documenting constraints arising during actual transportation,
  • crafting a customized testing protocol.

Auditing the performance of your packaging

  • evaluating the constraints experienced by a product within its packaging (instrumented testing),
  • response to impact,
  • response to vibration,
  • response to temperature stress (ISTA Thermal),
  • and developing a customized testing protocol.
Digital simulation

Digital simulation tests

Utilizing modeling and calculation tools to compare various packaging concepts.

Conducting an audit of mechanization constraints

  • assessing the constraints generated during the implementation of packaging,
  • and establishing an approval protocol to replicate these various constraints in a laboratory setting.
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