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NF EN ISO 2244 - Horizontal impact testing

Impact resistance testing per NF EN ISO 2244 standard

The NF EN ISO 2244 standard provides a precise method for evaluating the resistance of complete packaging and unit loads to horizontal impact. In the packaging safety sector, this standard plays a significant role in ensuring product protection during transportation and handling.

Testing procedure for packaging resistance

This standard offers tests that can be conducted individually or as part of a test battery to measure the resistance of packaging or unit loads. These tests are particularly relevant in distribution systems that involve the risk of horizontal impacts.

Testing methods to simulate horizontal impacts

  • Horizontal or inclined plane impact: The procedure involves an impact on a horizontal or inclined plane, simulating the potential impact during the handling and transportation process.
  • Pendulum test: The pendulum test utilizes a swinging arm that, when released, strikes the packaging sample, representing a sudden and unpredictable impact.

In the horizontal plane test, the sample is mounted on a carriage and then propelled along a track to induce an impact. In contrast, the pendulum test employs a swinging arm that strikes the packaging sample, offering a realistic simulation of potential impacts.

Objectives of testing according to NF EN ISO 2244 standard

The goal of these tests is to analyze the response of packaging or unit loads to horizontal impacts, which can occur during transportation or handling. These tests enable packaging designers to better understand and mitigate potential damage risks during handling, transportation, or storage.

FAQ on NF EN ISO 2244 standard for horizontal impact resistance of packaging

The NF EN ISO 2244 standard is designed to evaluate the resistance of complete packaging and unit loads to horizontal impacts, crucial for product safety during transportation and handling.

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