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ISO 2876 - Packaging - Complete, filled transport packages - Rolling test

Evaluation of packaging resistance and durability in transport and logistics

The ISO 2876 standard, an essential international standard, establishes rolling test methods to ensure the safety and durability of shipping packaging. This standard is crucial for logistics and transportation companies, providing quality assurance in the handling of packages under physical stress.

Practical application of ISO 2876 rolling test

The application of the ISO 2876 rolling test allows for a precise evaluation of the impact of rolling on packaging in real transport conditions. It is part of a battery of tests, including drop and compression tests, to assess the overall performance of packaging within complex logistics systems.

Importance of tipping test for unusual packaging

For unusual packaging, such as those with disproportionate height to their base, the tipping test becomes relevant. This approach is recommended for packages with a notable dimension ratio, providing essential data on packaging stability in vertical or horizontal positions.

In summary

The adoption of the ISO 2876 standard is a key element for players in the packaging industry, especially in the fields of logistics, freight transportation, and distribution. Its application not only ensures compliance with international standards but also strengthens customer trust in the quality and safety of packaging.

FAQ on ISO 2876 standard for packaging resistance and durability

ISO 2876 is an international standard that establishes rolling test methods for shipping packaging. It is essential for ensuring the safety and durability of packaging, particularly in the logistics and transportation industries.

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