Wine, Spirits, and Fine Gourmet ProductsWine, Spirits, and Fine Gourmet Products

Wine, Spirits, and Fine Gourmet Products

Label Aging

Label Aging

Labels, typically printed on paper, are a material susceptible to the passage of time. Paper can undergo undesirable changes such as yellowing, discoloration, and weakening. These alterations can diminish the aesthetic value of a bottle.

Abrasion Testing

Label abrasion is a critical aspect of packaging, as product labels must withstand wear and abrasion during transportation, storage, and use.

We assess the durability of labels. These tests simulate real-world wear conditions to ensure that labels remain legible and in good condition throughout the product's lifespan.

Suitability for Transport (E-commerce)

Suitability for Transport (E-commerce)

The shipping simulation process subjects your packaged products to various constraints representative of the transportation, storage, and handling stages. METROPACK provides a wide range of testing protocols based on ASTM or ISTA standards.

Read more on ASTM D4169 

Read more on ISTA 3A 

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