Cosmetics and beautyCosmetics and beauty

Cosmetics and beauty

Testing on cosmetic packaging is crucial to ensure the quality, safety, and effectiveness of cosmetic products throughout their lifespan. This stage involves verifying that packaging meets the requirements and functionalities for which it is intended in a satisfactory manner.

Functional and usability tests on primary packaging:

Distribution of glass thickness, flatness, sealability, neck finish capacity, label adhesion, juice compatibility, opening force or torque, assembly strength, aging, stress cracking

Primary packaging
Functional and usability tests on secondary packaging:

Closing force, label adhesion, slip resistance, grammage, code reading.

Secondary packaging
Durability of decorations


Decoration durability refers to the longevity and quality of decorative elements and labels on cosmetic product packaging. This includes graphic elements such as logos, illustrations, patterns, text, barcodes, etc., as well as printed information on the packaging.

Bulk testing, water testing, sweat resistance, abrasion resistance, tape testing, sun exposure testing.


Transport simulation allows for the validation of the shipment procedure for cartons or product pallets. The shipment simulation process exposes your packaged products to various conditions and the stresses of transportation and handling. METROPACK offers a selection of ASTM or ISTA test protocols and a variety of preconditioning regimens.

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Transport suitability
Caractérisation des matériaux


Evaluating the intrinsic performance of packaging materials is a crucial step in defining or measuring specifications to be met. This can help reduce risks associated with a material change or a supplier change.

To meet these needs, METROPACK has developed a range of tests by material type: corrugated cardboard (ECT, bursting strength, RCV, Cobb, grammage, ...), solid cardboard (Grammage, Cobb, surface tension, stiffness, ...), films (perforation, dynamic and static friction coefficient, tear resistance, elasticity, ...), woven materials (tear resistance, ...), wood, paper, glass, aluminum, tinplate, polymers, and other synthetic materials.


We offer specific tests to assess the lifespan and endurance of packaging under real-world conditions. These tests ensure their performance and safety for the product they contain.




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