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NF H00-042-2 : Vertical Impact Test by Tilting Drop

The NF H00-042-2 standard is a technical specification designed to test the resistance of shipping packages to vertical impact through tilting. The objective is to simulate and evaluate the potential impact that these packages may experience during transportation, storage, or handling.

The vertical impact test through tilting is often used to assess the ability of a packaging to protect its contents when subjected to impacts that may occur during distribution. The information gathered from these tests can help determine if a packaging is sufficiently robust to withstand the conditions it is likely to encounter in a real distribution environment.

Testing Techniques

1. Packaging Preparation: Prior to the test, the packaging must be properly prepared. It should be fully filled as it would be in a real shipping context.

2. Tilting Impact: The vertical impact through tilting is performed by dropping the packaging from a specified height. The orientation of the packaging at the time of impact must be controlled to ensure test repeatability.

3. Damage Evaluation: After the test, the packaging and its contents are inspected to determine the extent of damage. This may include visible damage to the packaging itself, as well as damage to the contents such as breakage, leakage, or deformation.

Utilizing Test Results

The results of this test can be used in several ways. They can help packaging manufacturers improve the design and strength of their products. They can also assist businesses shipping goods in selecting the most suitable packaging for their specific needs.

Furthermore, the test results can be used to demonstrate compliance with certain regulations or industry standards. For example, certain products may require packaging that has been tested and proven to withstand a certain level of impact.


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