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NF H00-060 - Packaging - Full and solid shipping packaging - Test programs.

The NF H00-060 standard defines test programs for full and solid shipping packages that are ready for shipment. These tests are designed to evaluate the robustness and durability of the packaging under various conditions, including mode of transport, physical distribution circuit, and encountered weather conditions.

Each test program is chosen based on the specific characteristics of the packaging, including shape, size, weight, content type, and mode of transport. The test programs vary in terms of test sequence, mechanical severity, and climatic condition.

The test programs described in this standard apply within the following limits: Full and solid shipping packages, regardless of constituent materials, of simple geometric shape and generally rectangular parallelepiped, containing various goods transported by road, air, or sea, with a gross mass not exceeding 2,000 kg, length, width, and height not exceeding 2,500 mm, 1,500 mm, and 2,200 mm, respectively.

It is important to note that if an examination of the distribution circuit reveals constraints significantly higher or lower than those specified in the standard, the severity levels specified by the standard should be adjusted. This should be done in agreement with all parties concerned.

The NF H00-060 standard refers to several other standards, including:

- NF ISO 780: This standard relates to the graphical marking of packaging to indicate how they should be handled.
- NF ISO 2206: This standard is used to identify different parts of the packaging for testing purposes.
- NF ISO 2233: This standard addresses the conditioning of packaging for testing.
- NF EN ISO 2234 (H 00-041): This standard deals with stacking tests using a static load.
- NF ISO 2248: This standard deals with vertical impact tests by free fall (drop test).
- NF EN ISO 2247 (H 00-043): This standard deals with low-frequency fixed vibration tests.
- NF EN ISO 2244 (H 00-047): This standard deals with horizontal impact tests.
- NF H00-058: This standard pertains to localized compression testing.
- NF H00-059: This standard pertains to localized impact testing.

In addition to NF H00-060, other standards define test programs for the validation of packaging systems. These include ASTM D4169, ISO 4180, and ISTA and can be cited in NF EN ISO 11607.

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