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NF EN ISO 2234 - Stacking tests using a static load

Presentation of the NF EN ISO 2234 standard

The international standard NF EN ISO 2234 defines protocols for stacking tests of complete and full shipping packages or unit loads. These tests, conducted with a static load, are essential for assessing the strength of packaging and the protection it provides to its contents.

Single stacking test

The single stacking test is a direct method to observe the effects of stacking on the packaging, focusing on deformation, slippage, and resistance to collapse.

Stacking test integrated with a series of tests

The integrated stacking test is part of a series of tests designed to assess the overall strength of packaging or unit load within a complete distribution system.

Stacking test under specific load application conditions

The stacking test under specific load application conditions tests the performance of packaging under specific conditions, such as support on an open-deck pallet or with eccentrically superimposed load.


The NF EN ISO 2234 Standard defines stacking test procedures for shipping packages, evaluating their strength and content protection.

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