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EUMOS 40509 Test Method

Dynamic evaluation of packaging rigidity: Focus on EUMOS 40509 standard

The EUMOS 40509 standard is a fundamental reference in the field of goods transportation and safety, specifically developed to assess the rigidity and stability of palletized load units. This method is highly regarded for its dynamic approach, providing a methodological framework for deformation tests and establishing precise criteria for the certification of transport packaging.

The acceleration test: A cornerstone of EUMOS 40509 compliance

The acceleration test is a cornerstone of the EUMOS 40509 method, essential for ensuring the safety of pallets during transportation. It involves the application of inertia forces over a minimum duration of 0.3 seconds, crucial to induce deformation representative of load stability on pallets. The accuracy of this duration is paramount to ensure the integrity of results, highlighting the importance of adhering to the standard's temporal specifications for packaging safety.

Consideration of dynamic effects in packaging evaluation

The approach of the EUMOS 40509 standard stands out for its consideration of dynamic effects on packaging. Acceleration must be applied over a 0.05-second interval to incorporate these effects into the evaluation, simulating real conditions of goods transportation. This dynamic method is crucial for testing the load unit's ability to withstand sudden variations in speed and direction, common challenges in road transport of packaged goods.


The EUMOS 40509 standard is a standardized method used in the transportation of goods to assess the rigidity and stability of load units, including pallets, to ensure their safety during transport.

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