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Stress cracking

Deterioration of Polyolefins in the Packaging Industry

Introduction: The deterioration of polyolefins over time is a major issue in the packaging industry. It often manifests as the development of cracks in packaging materials, which is unacceptable for ensuring product quality.

Causes of Deterioration

  1. Manufacturing Methods

    Internal Stresses: Internal stresses can form during the manufacturing process of plastic materials, whether through molding, extrusion, or blow molding. If cooling is done too rapidly, especially with asymmetrical shapes, solidification can lead to the creation of internal stresses.

  2. Mechanical Stresses

    Mechanical Strain: Mechanical stresses exerted on the packaging during use can also contribute to the deterioration of polyolefins. Excessive stresses can result in cracks and deformations.

  3. Ultraviolet Rays (UV)

    UV Radiation: Ultraviolet rays from the sun can release internal stresses in plastic materials. This can result in deformation or cracks if the environment does not allow for the release of these stresses.

  4. Surfactants

    Surfactant Agents: Surfactant agents, present in certain environments or products, can act similarly to UV rays, releasing internal stresses more rapidly.

Understanding and addressing these factors is crucial to mitigate the deterioration of polyolefins in the packaging industry.

FAQ on the deterioration of polyolefins in the packaging industry, stress cracking

The deterioration of polyolefins in packaging can be caused by several factors, including inadequate manufacturing methods, excessive mechanical stresses, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, and interaction with surfactant agents.

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