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Light aging or Light exposure testing

Laboratory Equipment for Simulations in the Packaging Industry

Our testing capabilities include:

  1. Direct sunlight aging: Simulating exposure to natural light.
  2. Sunlight aging through glass: Replicating exposure in contexts such as store windows.
  3. Linear light aging: Simulating exposure to commercial lighting (supermarkets, etc.).
  4. Evaluation of pharmaceutical product photostability: Tests conducted behind glass to measure light stability.

Suntest Methodology for Sunlight Exposure

Suntest is an advanced approach for evaluating material aging under solar influence, essential for the development of durable packaging.

Different approaches to simulated aging in laboratory and real conditions

These methods allow for accelerated aging of materials and prints, providing valuable insights for improving packaging quality.

Photostability evaluation in the pharmaceutical sector

Photostability is important to ensure the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products, especially when presented in commercial settings.

Complements to climatic tests for in-depth analyses

Our complementary climatic tests offer a detailed assessment of the impact of environmental conditions on packaging materials.

International standards for packaging testing and light aging

Our tests are conducted in compliance with international standards, ensuring optimal quality and reliability, including:

FAQ on laboratory for suntest simulations in the packaging Industry

Our laboratory tests simulate various aging processes, including direct exposure to sunlight, exposure through glass (such as store windows), linear light exposure (commercial lighting), and the evaluation of photostability in pharmaceutical products.

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