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Drop test in the packaging industry: Assessing strength and quality

The drop test, crucial in the packaging industry, allows for the assessment of the strength and quality of boxes and packaging. It simulates real transport conditions to determine whether packaging can withstand the stresses during handling and transportation.

The drop test process:

In the context of the drop test, a crate containing real or simulated content is dropped from a specific height and in a predetermined position. This process, carried out in multiple cycles, includes drops in different orientations to simulate various transport scenarios. Test results are then recorded as visual observations, including damage to the packaging and its contents.

Insights provided by the drop test:

The drop test provides crucial information about packaging strength. By analyzing damages incurred during drops, manufacturers can assess the packaging's ability to protect its contents from shocks, vibrations, and compression forces. This data is essential to ensure the quality and reliability of packaging in the industry.

Integrating the drop test into a comprehensive testing protocol:

While the drop test is fundamental, it is recommended to integrate it into a more comprehensive testing protocol. Among commonly used protocols are the ISTA standards (International Safe Transit Association), ASTM D4169, ISO 4180, and NF H 00-060. These protocols define specific testing methods, including the drop test, as well as other tests such as vibration, compression, and stacking tests. By combining these assessments, manufacturers gain a comprehensive understanding of the resistance of their packaging in various transport conditions.


Drop testing is an essential method in the packaging industry. It simulates real transportation conditions to assess the strength and quality of boxes and packaging.

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