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ISTA 1B test procedure: Evaluating the integrity of individually packaged products

The ISTA 1B Test Procedure is an integrity test for individually packaged products within a product series. This test allows for the assessment of a packaged product's performance and comparison of the relative performance of different packaging and product design alternatives. Note that certain transit conditions such as humidity, pressure, or unusual handling, which may impact the package, are not covered by series of tests from this procedure. Other ISTA or ASTM procedures might be more suitable for different conditions or achieving different objectives.

Focus on products over 68 kg

The ISTA 1B Test Procedure specifically addresses testing of individually packaged products weighing more than 150 lb (68 kg) when prepared for shipment. This is part of a series of tests designed to evaluate the package's ability to withstand impact and other stressors. Before testing, the shipper must determine what constitutes damage to the product, the acceptable level of damage tolerance if required, the correct method for determining the product's condition at the end of the test, and the acceptable condition of the packaging at the end of the test. A sample is required for testing according to this procedure.

ISTA recommendations for representative performance in a test series

ISTA recommends conducting the test five times or more with new samples each time as part of a comprehensive test series to allow for an adequate determination of the representative performance of the packaged product. To ensure ideal test conditions, products and packaging intended for testing in certified laboratories should be either overpacked for shipment to the laboratory or repackaged in new packaging at the laboratory.

Sequence of ISTA 1B tests standards

The sequencing of the tests, including drop shock, should be conducted as outlined in the document, including:

  • atmospheric preconditioning,
  • fixed displacement vibration,
  • shock (with various alternative methods possible),
  • and tilt-drop (in certain cases), specifically focusing on the impact and drop shock resistance of the package.

Recommended alternatives to ISTA 1B by ISTA

The recommended alternatives to ISTA 1B by ISTA ( Internationale Safe Transit Association are:

1. ISTA 1H: Recommended if you want to use random vibration instead of fixed displacement vibration.

2. ISTA 1D: Recommended for packaged products where a minimum compression value needs to be tested for resistance of packages system.

3. ISTA 1E: Recommended for unit loads, i.e., one or more products or packaged products typically on a pallet but still secured together or restrained for distribution as a single load.

4. ISTA 2B: Recommended for packaged products intended for international distribution, with a focus on sequence testing for enhanced package integrity.

ISTA 1B Test Procedure for Evaluating the Integrity of Individually Packaged Products

The ISTA 1B Test Procedure is a standardized test for assessing the integrity of individually packaged products within a product series. It evaluates a product's packaging performance and compares different packaging and product design alternatives.

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