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ISTA Test Procedure 1H is an integrity test designed to evaluate the performance of individually packaged products. It focuses on assessing the combined performance of both the packaging and the product.

The objectives of ISTA Test Procedure 1H are:

1. Evaluate the performance of the packaged product: Test Procedure 1H allows for the evaluation of the performance of a packaged product as a whole, considering both the packaging and the product itself.

2. Compare design alternatives: This test procedure enables the comparison of relative performance among different packaging and product design alternatives. By conducting the same test on multiple designs, the most effective option can be identified.

ISTA Test Procedure 1H may not cover certain transport conditions, such as humidity, pressure, or unusual handling. It is important to consider alternative ISTA procedures for testing under different conditions or to achieve specific objectives.

Alternative procedures include:

1. Fixed displacement vibration: If fixed displacement vibration testing is needed instead of random vibration, it is recommended to use ISTA Test Procedure 1B instead of ISTA Test Procedure 1H.

2. International distribution: Packaged products intended for international distribution should consider ISTA Test Procedure 2B, which provides partial simulation performance testing.

3. Unit loads: When testing unit loads (multiple products or securely packed products), it is recommended to use ISTA Test Procedure 1E instead of ISTA Test Procedure 1H.

Prior to testing, the shipper must determine what constitutes product damage and the acceptable level of damage tolerance, if applicable. Similarly, acceptable conditions for the product and packaging at the end of the test should be established.

The methodology for determining the condition of the product and packaging at the conclusion of the test must be determined. Ideally, the samples should be actual, untested packaging and products. However, if unavailable, substitutes should be as identical as possible to the actual items.

One sample is required for testing in ISTA Test Procedure 1H. To ensure adequate determination of representative performance of the packaged product, it is recommended to perform the test procedure five times or more using new samples for each test. This helps to obtain more reliable and consistent results. Products and packaging shipped to certified testing laboratories should be overpacked or reconditioned in new packaging at the laboratory to ensure testing under standardized conditions.

Test sequence:

Tests should be conducted on each test sample in the following sequence:

  • Climate preconditioning (Ambient)
  • Random vibration
  • Drop/shock

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