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NF H20-005 - Wooden Crates for Retail Maritime Transport

NF H20-005 nailed wooden boxes for maritime transport

Nailed wooden boxes are an essential component in retail maritime transport. The French Standard NF H20-005, developed by the French Standardization Association (AFNOR), plays a role in defining quality and safety standards for these types of boxes.

Technical specifications of wooden boxes according to NF H20-005

According to standard NF H20-005, wooden boxes intended for retail maritime transport are designed with precise specifications. They must have a gross weight of less than 235 kg and a volume of less than 0.700 m³. This standard outlines specific technical requirements for these boxes, ensuring their robustness and adaptability to various types of goods.

However, it is important to note that standard NF H20-005 does not apply to boxes designed for the transport of exceptional or expensive products, nor for hazardous materials. In these cases, additional safety standards and measures are required to ensure full compliance with regulations in force.

Applications and limits of NF H20-005 boxes in maritime transport

Nailed wooden boxes complying with standard NF H20-005 are suitable for a wide range of products. However, for special or high-value items, customized interior cushioning and packaging solutions are necessary for optimal protection.

Additional standards and procedures for the safety of wooden boxes

To test the performance and resistance of boxes compliant with NF H20-005, several recommended standards and testing procedures include NF H 00-060, ISO 4180, ASTM D4169, as well as ISTA procedures (International Safe Transit Association). Furthermore, standard NF H20-005 refers to other complementary standards such as NF H03-001, E27-951, NF H00-002, NF H00-001, and NF H00-004, which cover other critical aspects of the design, packaging, and transport of wooden boxes.

FAQ on NF H20-005 for nailed wooden boxes

Standard NF H20-005, developed by AFNOR, defines quality and safety standards for nailed wooden boxes used in retail maritime transport.

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