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ISTA Forum

A. Presentation of ISTA

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), a global authority on packaging standards, plays a crucial role in promoting secure and efficient transportation methods. This organization establishes rigorous protocols for testing packaging and transport systems, ensuring the protection of goods at every stage of the logistics chain.

B. ISTA Congress: Incubators of technological advancements and best practices in packaging

The congresses organized by ISTA are essential platforms for packaging and transportation professionals. These events provide an exceptional opportunity to discover the latest innovations in sustainable packaging, study real-life case studies, and explore technological advancements. They allow participants to exchange best practices, debate current and future industry challenges, and collaborate on large-scale projects. The impact of these congresses is significant, influencing the quality, safety, and efficiency of transportation and packaging processes globally.

ISTA Forum

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Airport area – a zone of risks
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Analysis of a transportation by drone
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Comparison of the different methods of the ASTM D8314 standard for performance testing of applied stretch films and stretch packaging
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truck roundabout
Detection and simulation of long phenomena of acceleration
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