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Detection and simulation of long phenomena of acceleration

Introduction to transport simulation and long acceleration phenomena

The field of transport simulation plays a crucial role in optimizing the transportation of goods. This introduction addresses the relevance of these simulations, focusing on Long Acceleration Phenomena (LAP), essential for understanding impacts during transportation.

Research methodology and instrumentation

This section details the methodology employed in the study. The instrumentation of the truck used for the test journey is outlined, along with the parameters and specifications considered for this research.

Analysis of LAP types and their specifications

The different types of LAP encountered during transport are analyzed here. This section explores their technical specifications and discusses the implications of these specifications for goods transportation.

LAP occurrence zones and data analysis

This section focuses on identifying the geographical areas and specific contexts where LAP are most likely to occur. A detailed analysis of the data collected during the study helps understand how these phenomena affect transportation under different conditions.

Laboratory simulation of LAP

Laboratory simulation is an essential tool for reproducing and studying LAP in a controlled environment. This section describes the techniques and devices used for simulation and compares the results obtained in the laboratory with real transport conditions.

Conclusion and future perspectives

In conclusion, this article summarizes the key findings of the study and discusses their importance for the transport and packaging sector. Suggestions for future research and potential applications of these findings in the industry are also explored.

ISTA 2019: 7th European symposium ISTA (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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Presentation : Detection and simulation of long phenomena of acceleration


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