Correlation between ISTA vibrations protocols spectrum and European trucks?

ISTA vibration protocols and European Trucks

A detailed study on the correlation between ISTA vibration protocols and real transport conditions by trucks in Europe. The analysis includes the impact of various types of roads and suspensions on the felt vibrations.

Recording and analysis of trucks

Metropack utilizes advanced methodologies to record and analyze transport data. These analyses are crucial for eco-design and ensure precise transport simulation.

Comparison of truck structures and usages

This section compares the structures of European and American trucks, highlighting the influence of different uses on vibration profiles.

Vibration profiles and ISTA proposals for European trucks

An analysis of typical vibration profiles for European trucks is presented. The section also addresses ISTA's proposals to adapt existing protocols to these specific vehicles.

Reduction of test time and practical applications

Techniques for reducing laboratory test time are discussed, along with their practical applications in the industry.


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Presentation : Correlation between ISTA vibrations protocols spectrum and European trucks? (cancelled for covid)


Why compare ISTA vibration profiles to European trucks?

ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) protocols are series of tests and procedures used to evaluate the strength and effectiveness of transport packaging. These protocols are essential to ensure that products arrive at their destination in good condition, thereby minimizing losses and damages during transportation.

What are ISTA protocols?

ISTA protocols are internationally recognized standards for packaging performance testing. They are developed by ISTA, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the safety of goods transportation. ISTA protocols simulate the environmental conditions and potential risks that packaging may face during transportation, such as shocks, vibrations, temperature and humidity changes, and compression.

Importance of ISTA protocols

ISTA protocols play a significant role in the packaging and logistics industry. They help manufacturers and distributors design and test packaging that provides optimal protection to products during transportation. By using ISTA protocols, companies can reduce costs associated with damages during transportation, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance their reputation in the market.

Applications of ISTA protocols

ISTA protocols are used in various industries to test a wide range of products. For example, in the electronics industry, ISTA protocols are used to test the packaging of sensitive electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones. In the pharmaceutical industry, they are used to ensure that medicines and vaccines are transported safely. Additionally, ISTA protocols are also used in the food industry to ensure that food products arrive fresh and safely to consumers.

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