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TAPPI T802 - Free fall drop

Evaluation of impact resistance of corrugated cardboard containers: The TAPPI T 802 standard

The TAPPI T 802 standard is an essential procedure that assesses the ability of corrugated cardboard containers to protect their contents and withstand a free-fall impact. This standard, specifically designed for controlled drop tests of corrugated shipping containers, plays a significant role in ensuring packaging safety and durability.

The importance of free-fall testing in cardboard transport safety

Free-fall testing is vital to evaluate the resistance of a cardboard container to potential shocks it may experience during handling or transportation. This process simulates real-life situations such as accidental drops or impacts during loading or unloading, thereby ensuring better protection of packaged products.

Varied testing techniques for cardboard container resistance: A multi-angle approach

The testing procedure of the TAPPI T 802 standard involves dropping the container from a predetermined height onto a flat, rigid surface. Special attention is given to the orientation of the drop, varied to assess the container's resistance to different impact angles, such as drops on the sides, corners, top, and bottom.

Alignment with international standards: ASTM D5276 and ISO 2248

Furthermore, the TAPPI T 802 standard aligns with international standards ASTM D5276 and ISO 2248. These international standards also describe free-fall testing procedures for cardboard containers, reinforcing the importance of this practice in the global packaging industry.

FAQ on TAPPI T802 standard for corrugated cardboard containers

The TAPPI T 802 standard is designed to assess the ability of corrugated cardboard containers to protect their contents and withstand free-fall impacts. This testing procedure is essential to ensure the safety and durability of corrugated cardboard packaging.

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