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EN 22872 - Methods for determining compression strength

EN 22872 is a technical standard that defines methods for determining the compression strength of full and complete shipping packages. Specifically, it measures vertical compression strength on these packages. The purpose of this standard is to prevent carton crushing issues during the storage and transportation of goods.

EN 22872 utilizes a specific compression testing apparatus to determine the compression strength of the packages. The test involves applying gradual vertical compression force to the package until it yields or reaches a specific deformation level. The testing apparatus then measures the maximum force that the package could withstand before deformation or failure, providing an indication of its compression strength.

Compression strength is a critical characteristic of packaging, particularly for carton packaging. Cartons are often stacked on top of each other during storage or transportation, exerting considerable pressure on the cartons at the bottom of the stack. Insufficient compression strength can result in carton collapse, leading to damage to the goods inside.

There are other standards related to EN 22872, including TAPPI T 804 and ISO 12048. These standards also provide testing methods for compression strength of packaging.

TAPPI T 804 is a standard established by the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI). It also defines methods for testing the compression strength of carton packaging.

As for ISO 12048, it provides methods for determining the compression strength of full and complete transport packages. It applies to all types of transport packaging, including plastic, metal, wood, and carton packaging.

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