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Compression & Stacking Tests for Filled Transport Packages - ISO 12048

NF EN ISO 12048 - Packaging — Complete, filled transport packages — Compression and stacking tests using a compression tester

ISO 12048 is an international standard that describes methodologies for assessing the compression resistance and stacking capability of complete, filled transport packages. It provides specific guidelines on how to conduct these tests using dedicated compression testing equipment.

The main objective of this standard is to enable users to test and evaluate the robustness of packaging and the level of protection it provides to its contents when exposed to compression forces. These forces can arise from various realistic situations encountered during transportation and storage, such as stacking multiple packages on top of each other.

The standard provides two options for applying these tests. The first option is to perform a single test, where the aim is to directly measure the effect of compression or stacking on the packaging. Possible outcomes of this test may include package deformation, sagging, or failure.

The second option is to integrate the compression or stacking test into a broader series of tests. In this scenario, the objective is to assess the packaging's durability within a complete distribution system, where the packaging could be subjected to repetitive compression or stacking risks.

Furthermore, ISO 12048 can also be used to conduct a specific stacking test. This test is particularly useful for studying the behavior of packaging placed in unique conditions, such as when it is at the bottom of a stack of packages and resting on an open pallet.

Overall, ISO 12048 is an important tool for evaluating and enhancing the quality of transport packaging. It provides a systematic and reproducible method for testing their compression resistance and stacking capability, which can contribute to reducing damages during transportation and storage, improving product safety, and increasing supply chain efficiency.

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