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ASTM D642 - Compression test

ASTM D642 - Compression Test for Shipping Packaging Strength According to ISO Standards

The ASTM D642 compression test is a proven method to assess the strength of shipping packaging against physical stresses, in accordance with international standards like ISO 12048. This standard is specifically designed for "Complete, Filled Transport Packages - Compression and Stacking Tests."

Rigorous Assessment for Packaging Durability

Shipping packaging, with or without its contents, undergoes tests to determine its ability to withstand compression loads. These tests simulate real stacking conditions, crucial for optimizing packaging durability.

Compression Strength: A Quality Criterion for Packaging

The ability of packaging to resist compression forces is an indicator of quality and reliability. Tests use fixed or tilting plate compression machines to simulate the various stresses that packaging encounters during storage and distribution.

Choice of Testing Machine: Fixed or Tilting for Precise Results

Edge-to-edge and corner-to-corner orientation tests require a fixed-plate compression machine. Unit load tests are generally conducted top-down, revealing the maximum force the packaging can withstand.

Compliance with TAPPI T804 for Shipping Containers

Additionally, the ASTM D642 test method complements the TAPPI T804 method, which measures the strength of corrugated or solid fiber shipping containers against compression forces.


The ASTM D642 compression test is a standardized method for measuring the compression resistance of shipping packages, including crates and drums, as well as their components.

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