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Determination of the impact of the acceleration phenomenon on a load stability in packaging transport

This study, presented by Mr. Baptiste Boutrige, a doctoral candidate from METROPACK and the University of Reims, focuses on analyzing the impact of acceleration phenomena on load stability during packaging transportation. It highlights the importance of understanding these phenomena to enhance safety and efficiency in the goods transportation sector.

Research objectives

The main objective of this research is to develop a better understanding of the effects of acceleration on transported loads and to predict the tipping angle to prevent instabilities. This study aims to significantly contribute to reducing risks associated with goods transportation.

Experimental methodology

Test configuration

The experimental configuration describes the dimensions, weight of loads, and coordinates of the center of gravity used in the tests. This section details the preparation and specifications of loads to ensure relevance and accuracy of experimental results.

Tipping test

This part describes the methodology used to determine the tipping angle, combining theoretical and practical approaches. The results obtained provide crucial insights into load stability during tipping situations.

Acceleration test

Here, the theoretical approach for acceleration tests is presented. This section explains how acceleration angles and forces are calculated and their influence on load stability.

Real transport test

This section addresses the methodology and results of a real transport test. These data are essential for comparing laboratory conditions to real-world transportation situations.

Results and analysis

Comparison with Eumos test

Test results are compared with Eumos standards to assess their compliance with established norms. This comparison aids in understanding the effectiveness of testing methods used in this research.

Conclusions and future research perspectives

The conclusions emphasize the importance of knowing the center of gravity position and the impact of acceleration application time. Suggestions for future research are also presented, paving the way for new advancements in this field.

IAPRI 2021 : 30th IAPRI Member Conference (Michigan, USA) Virtual

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Presentation : Determination of the impact of the acceleration phenomenon on a load stability in packaging transport.


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