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Directive 2014/47/EU, safety of palletized loads are you in compliance with the law?

The importance of legal compliance in the transportation of goods is increasingly recognized at the European level. This presentation focuses on European Directive 2014/47/EU, which establishes essential standards to ensure the safety of palletized loads. It highlights the responsibilities of carriers and shippers to ensure cargo stability.

European Directive 2014/47/EU: Legal and Regulatory Framework

Directive 2014/47/EU aims to harmonize transport safety standards within the European Union. It defines carriers' obligations to ensure the safety and compliance of transported loads. This includes control procedures, criteria for assessing load stability, and corrective measures in case of non-compliance.

Load Stability: Context and challenges

Load stability is crucial to prevent accidents during road transport. Improperly secured loads can lead to vehicle overturns, loss of goods, and risks to public safety. This segment emphasizes the importance of diligently following directives to minimize these risks.

Methods for checking coad compliance

This segment explains the methods and procedures used to check load compliance according to the directive. It addresses the use of acceleration benches, an innovative tool for testing load stability under simulated transport conditions.

Innovation in Palletization: Eco-Wrapping System

In response to the need for more environmentally friendly palletization solutions, this segment presents the innovation of palletization wraps made from plant fibers. These wraps offer a sustainable alternative to traditional materials while ensuring excellent load stability.


This conclusion summarizes the key points of Directive 2014/47/EU and its impact on the transportation and packaging sector. It emphasizes the importance of compliance to ensure the safety of road transport.

Paris Packaging Week 2023

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Presentation : Directive 2014/47/UE, sécurité des charges palettisées êtes-vous en conformité avec la loi ? / "Directive 2014/47/EU, safety of palletized loads are you in compliance with the law?"


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