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Directive 2014/47/EU - Load Securing, Stability of Palletized Loads

Transport packaging must withstand external forces exerted on the unit load. The magnitude, location, and duration of these forces depend on the method of load securing used. This means that the rigidity of the transport packaging strongly influences the recommended method of load securing. If the transport packaging is not strong enough to maintain the unit load's shape against the forces that occur during transport, the "global blocking" method should be used.

During transport, everything must be implemented through methods such as locking, blocking, securing, or their combination, to prevent the transported goods or elements of them from sliding, tilting, rolling, moving, or undergoing significant deformation or rotations in any direction. The goal is to protect the individuals involved in loading, unloading, and driving vehicles, as well as other road users, pedestrians, the cargo itself, and the vehicle.

Functional Responsibilities

Whether they are packers, loaders, carriers, operators, or drivers, all participants in the logistics cycle have a role to play in ensuring that the load is properly packaged and loaded onto an appropriate vehicle.

It is essential to understand that the responsibilities for load securing are based on international conventions and regulations, national legislation, or contracts between the parties involved.

Goods transported by road are often packaged. The CMR Convention does not impose packaging requirements, but it relieves the carrier of liability for any loss or damage that occurs if the cargo was not properly packaged. The main function of packaging varies depending on the type of product and mode of transport: atmospheric protection, support of the product during loading and unloading, prevention of damage to the product, or effective load securing.

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