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NF EN ISO 4892 - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources

NF EN ISO 4892-1: Plastics - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 1: General guidance

The NF EN ISO 4892-1 standard is a general guide for the selection and application of methods for exposing plastics to laboratory light sources. This includes a detailed description of methods for determining radiant exposure (the amount of light received per unit area) and radiant exposure duration (radiant exposure multiplied by the exposure duration).

This standard provides instructions on the use of devices to control the air temperature inside the exposure chambers and the surface temperature of both dark and light-colored material specimens. Proper management of these variables is crucial to ensuring stable and reproducible exposure conditions.

Additionally, ISO 4892-1 provides information on interpreting data from accelerated exposure testing. These tests aim to replicate, in a short period of time, the damage that plastics may experience during long-term exposure to light.

For more specific information on methods for determining property changes of plastics after exposure and reporting of results, ISO 4582 is recommended.

NF EN ISO 4892-2: Plastics - Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources - Part 2: Xenon-arc lamps

The NF EN ISO 4892-2 standard specifically focuses on the exposure of plastics to xenon-arc lamps. These lamps are commonly used to simulate daylight, including ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can cause degradation in plastics.

This standard specifies the exposure conditions, including light intensity, exposure duration, temperature, and humidity, and provides guidelines for establishing and monitoring these conditions. It also describes how to handle and evaluate specimens before, during, and after exposure.

It is important to note that these laboratory tests do not perfectly replicate real-world exposure conditions to natural light and atmosphere. Nonetheless, they aim to accelerate the destructive effects that these factors can have on materials, allowing for a quick evaluation of their durability.

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