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The General Simulation Performance Test, known as ISTA 6-SAMSCLUB, is a series of protocols developed by ISTA members and Sam's Club to optimize their product packaging and distribution systems. This project aims to simulate and test the ability of packages and products to withstand transport risks. The simulation, although general, does not necessarily comply with carrier packaging regulations.

The project aims to provide confidence in product launches, reduce product damage and loss, achieve balanced distribution costs, and improve customer satisfaction, thereby contributing to increased market share.

ISTA 6-SAMSCLUB is a general simulation test for packaged products shipped through the Sam's Club distribution system to final destinations in the United States. The project was developed after extensive surveys, observations, and field measurement programs of the actual Sam's Club system, including visits to various distribution centers, overseas suppliers, ports, and Sam's Club stores in the United States.

This project covers four types of packaged products, designated as Types A to D, which are typically shipped through the Sam's Club distribution system. This includes non-perishable goods, perishable goods, large and small floor-loaded packaged products.

The testing evaluates the protective performance of a packaged product against vibrations, shocks, and other stresses typically encountered during handling and transportation in the Sam's Club distribution system. Some transit conditions, such as moisture, pressure, or unusual handling, may not be covered by the tests.

The project also covers other packaging requirements such as configurations, materials, weight and height limits, etc. The shipper, manufacturer, Sam's Club buyer, and other stakeholders need to determine the criteria for package damage acceptance before testing.

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