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ISTA 2E procedure for long packaging

The ISTA 2E procedure is essential for assessing the strength of large product-packaging systems. This method specifically applies to packaging considered "long." In this context, "length" is defined by specific criteria: the longest side of the product-packaging system must measure at least 910 mm, while the other two dimensions must not exceed 20% of this maximum length.

Key tests in the ISTA 2E procedure

The key tests in this procedure include fixed displacement vibration and drop/shock testing. These tests are crucial for evaluating the durability and resistance of packaging to the physical stresses it may encounter during transportation.

Important update on the ISTA 2E procedure

It's important to note that the ISTA 2E procedure is no longer actively maintained. In this regard, it is recommended to opt for the ISTA 3A Elongated procedure. The latter offers a more contemporary and suitable approach for testing the resistance of elongated packaging.

ISTA 2E procedure and upgrade to ISTA 3A Elongated FAQ

ISTA 2E is a testing method designed to assess the strength of large product-packaging systems, particularly those considered "long."


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