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In the field of packaging optimization, it is essential to understand the appropriate testing procedures. One of these procedures is ISTA 2D, which specifically applies to product-packaging systems considered flat.

Understanding the ISTA 2D procedure:

The key characteristic of flat packaging according to the ISTA 2D standard is that its smallest dimension must be 200 mm or less, while the second smallest dimension is at least 4 times larger than the smallest dimension.

Required tests:

Fixed Displacement Vibration and Drop/Shock Test.

Recommended update:

ISTA 3A Flat

It is important to note that the ISTA 2D procedure is no longer maintained. It is highly advisable to consider transitioning to the ISTA 3A Flat standard to ensure current testing and compliance with industry best practices.

FAQ on ISTA 2D and update to ISTA 3A Flat

ISTA 2D is a testing procedure applied to product-packaging systems considered flat, used to assess their strength and reliability.

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