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NF H20-008 - Handling devices for individually handled shipping packages

NF H20-008 standard: A Pillar in the packaging industry

This section highlights the importance of the NF H20-008 standard in the packaging industry by defining essential requirements for the safe handling of shipping containers.

Requirements for heavy and large packaging

Discover how this standard is specifically tailored to packaging requiring individual handling, such as those weighing at least 100 kg, having a minimum area of 0.80 m², or a length exceeding 980 mm.

Design criteria for safe handling

In this section, we delve into the safety standards established by the NF H20-008 standard, with a focus on creating efficient and secure handling devices.

Best practices in packaging handling

Learn how the NF H20-008 standard encourages best practices in designing devices that facilitate the efficient use of packaging while reducing the risks associated with their handling.

FAQ on NF H20-008 Standard for industrial packaging

The NF H20-008 standard defines essential requirements for the safe handling of shipping containers, serving as a pillar in the packaging industry.

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