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NF EN ISO 8318 - Variable sinusoidal frequency vibration tests

The NF EN ISO 8318 standard, an international standard, specifies two distinct methods for conducting variable frequency sinusoidal vibration tests on full and packed shipping packages, as well as unit loads. These tests are essential for evaluating the characteristics of a packaging or unit load, including its resistance to vibration and the protection it provides to its contents when exposed to vertical vibrations.

The standard defines two separate test protocols, which are designed to replicate the vibration conditions that the packaging or unit load may encounter during transportation. These tests simulate variable frequency sinusoidal vibrations in the vertical plane, reproducing realistic transport conditions.

- Single Test: This test evaluates the effect of vertical vibration on the packaging or unit load. It is primarily used to identify potential structural issues or weaknesses in the packaging that could compromise its ability to protect its contents.

- Series Test: This testing method is part of a series of tests designed to measure the resistance of packaging or unit loads within a distribution system that includes a vibration risk. The results of these tests can be used to identify weak points and improve the overall performance of the packaging within the specific distribution system context (e.g., ISO 4180).

Variable frequency sinusoidal vibration tests, along with other stress conditions, are an essential part of the packaging design and validation process. They allow designers to assess the packaging's resistance and its ability to protect its contents when exposed to vibrations, a key factor in many transport and distribution scenarios.

Furthermore, these tests help identify potential weaknesses in the packaging design, enabling improvements to be made before production. This can result in significant cost savings by reducing the risks of product damage during transportation and avoiding product returns and warranty claims.

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