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NF EN ISO 13355 - Random vertical vibration testing

ISO 13355 is an international standard that specifies a method for conducting random vibration testing on one or more complete and filled shipping packages as well as unit loads. The primary objective of these tests is to evaluate the strength of the packaging and the protection it provides to its contents when subjected to vertical vibrations.

1. Test Principle: Random vertical vibration testing involves subjecting the packaging to random vertical vibrations. This test is designed to simulate the vibrations and shocks that may occur during transportation of goods.

2. Test Objectives: The main objectives of this test are to assess the strength of the packaging and determine the protection it offers to its contents when exposed to vibrations. This information is crucial to ensure the safety and integrity of the goods during transport.

3. Test Applications: Random vertical vibration testing can be performed as a standalone test to specifically examine the effects of vertical vibration, or it can be part of a series of tests intended to measure the resistance of a test item in a distribution system that includes a vibration risk. This standard is particularly useful for industries that need to ensure their products can withstand challenging transportation conditions.

4. Test Results: The results of this test can help identify weaknesses in the packaging, which can lead to improvements in the design and manufacturing of the packaging. It can also assist in selecting the most suitable type of packaging for a specific product or transport conditions.

5. Test Utilization: Furthermore, the results of this test can be used to meet regulatory or contractual requirements, resolve transport disputes, evaluate warranty claims, and develop and validate packaging specifications.

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