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NF EN ISO 11341 - Exposure to filtered radiation from a xenon arc lamp

NF EN ISO 11341: Evaluation of Aging for Paints and Varnishes in the Packaging Sector

The NF EN ISO 11341 standard is crucial for the packaging industry as it establishes a standardized method for anticipating the aging of paints and varnishes used in packaging. It utilizes the radiation from a xenon arc lamp, simulating solar exposure, to test the durability of materials against weathering and environmental factors.

Objectives of the Packaging Standard

This standard aims to provide a uniform procedure for assessing the impact of light and humidity on paints and varnishes, two predominant environmental factors in the aging of packaging materials. By simulating these conditions, the ISO standard assists packaging manufacturers in ensuring the quality and resilience of their products over time.

Specific Packaging Testing Methodology

According to NF EN ISO 11341, paint samples intended for packaging are exposed to the light spectrum of a xenon arc lamp. This method takes into account the influence of water and water vapor, critical elements in the context of packaging.

The effects of aging are measured through performance indicators such as color retention, gloss, adhesion, and resistance to phenomena like swelling or bursting, which are essential for maintaining the integrity of packaging.

Parameters and Exposure Conditions for the Packaging Industry

The standard outlines important parameters for packaging tests, including specifications for the xenon lamp, the optimal distance between the lamp and the sample, the required exposure duration, as well as the ideal temperature and humidity conditions to replicate a realistic environment for packaging materials.


The NF EN ISO 11341 standard defines a standardized method for predicting the aging of paints and varnishes in the packaging industry using the radiation from a xenon arc lamp.

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