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NF EN 22876 - Rolling test

NF EN 22876 Standard: Rolling test for shipping packaging

The French standard NF EN 22876 presents a rolling test method dedicated to full and solid shipping packaging. Crucial in many distribution and transportation systems, this standard assesses the resistance and durability of packaging against the challenges of rolling.

Significance in industrial and logistics sectors

In industrial or logistics environments, the NF EN 22876 standard is frequently implemented. Packaging is often subjected to rolling conditions during handling or transportation, making this standard essential to ensure their integrity.

Objectives and application of the rolling test

The primary purpose of the NF EN 22876 test is to assess packaging resistance under rolling conditions. This test simulates real stresses encountered during transit. The results obtained contribute to designing more robust and efficient packaging, thereby optimizing their effectiveness in the distribution chain.

Integration into test series

This standard can be applied individually or combined with other tests evaluating overall packaging performance under various conditions. This may include drop tests, compression tests, or vibration tests.

Key test parameters

It is important to consider various factors such as tilt angle, rolling surface, and packaging weight. These variables significantly influence test results. Thus, the NF EN 22876 standard provides precise guidelines for a reliable and reproducible assessment of rolling test resistance.

FAQ on NF EN 22876 Standard for Rolling Test of Shipping Packaging

The NF EN 22876 Standard is a detailed methodology for the rolling test of complete and full shipping packaging. It is used in industrial and logistical sectors to assess the resistance and durability of packaging under rolling conditions.

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