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NF EN 14149 - Tilt and drop impact test

The NF EN 14149 standard, a European regulation, establishes guidelines for tilt impact resistance tests for freight packaging and unit loads. These tests can be conducted either independently or as part of a series of tests to assess the durability of packaging or a unit load in a distribution environment where there is a risk of tilting.

What is the tilt impact resistance test?

The tilt impact resistance test involves tilting or overturning the packaging or unit load to measure their ability to withstand impacts that may occur during transport or handling. This test is designed to simulate real-world conditions to which packaging or a unit load could be exposed during its transportation. This includes situations such as loading and unloading goods, transit on forklifts, or even handling by automated equipment.

Test Variables

The testing procedure may vary depending on several factors, including the size and weight of the packaging or unit load, as well as the type of packaging (e.g., box, crate, pallet, etc.). Generally, the test involves tilting the unit from a specified height or overturning it onto a predefined surface.

Evaluation Criteria

Several criteria are considered to assess the test result. These include the structural integrity of the packaging after the test, detection of any content leakage, as well as any deformation or rupture of the packaging. Another important criterion is the packaging's ability to maintain its shape and contain its content after undergoing the test.

Compatibility with Other Standards

It's important to note that the NF EN 14149 standard can be used in conjunction with other packaging test standards to obtain a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of packaging or a unit load under real-world transport conditions.

Why is it important?

Understanding and applying the NF EN 14149 standard is crucial for companies looking to ensure the safety and integrity of their products during transportation. By following these guidelines, companies can minimize the risks associated with transport and handling, which, in turn, can reduce costs associated with product damage.

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