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ISO 8768 - Tilt test

Understanding ISO 8768 standard for packaging tip-over tests

The ISO 8768 standard represents a crucial international standard in the packaging industry. This standard details a specific testing method to assess the resistance of full and solid shipping packages to tip-over during storage, transportation, and handling. Its role is essential to ensure the safety and protection of the contents of packages under various conditions.

Diverse applications of ISO 8768 standard

Single tip-over test

One of the primary uses of the ISO 8768 standard is to perform a single tip-over test. This approach allows for a direct examination of the effects of tip-over on a package, providing valuable data on its resilience and the protection it offers.

Integration into a series of tests

The standard can also be integrated into a comprehensive series of tests. This method evaluates the overall resistance of the packaging within a distribution system that includes various risks, including tip-over.

Complementarity with other ISO standards

The ISO 8768 standard complements the tests described in other standards such as ISO 2244 (horizontal impact test), ISO 2248 (drop impact test), and ISO 2876 (rolling test). This complementarity provides a more comprehensive overview of the resistance of shipping packages.

Utility of ISO 8768 standard for different types of packaging

The ISO 8768 standard is particularly relevant for tall packaging compared to their base dimensions. It also applies to low-height packaging, especially those optimized for storage or transportation lying on one side.

It is especially recommended for packaging with a dimension ratio of approximately 3:1, meaning significantly longer on one side than the other. This specificity makes it ideal for evaluating packaging with an increased risk of tip-over.

Why ISO 8768?

The ISO 8768 standard plays a fundamental role in the quality assurance of shipping packaging. Understanding and applying it are essential for professionals in the packaging industry, aiming to maximize the safety and efficiency of packaging solutions in various transportation and storage contexts.

FAQ ISO 8768

ISO 8768 is an international standard that specifies a test method to evaluate the resistance of full and solid shipping packages to tipping during storage, transportation, and handling.

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