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ISO 4178 - Tests related to the distribution system

Introduction to ISO 4178 standard

ISO 4178 is an international standard that establishes guidelines for the evaluation and testing of full and solid transport packaging, especially within distribution systems. The standard focuses on documenting relevant information during the conduct of these tests.

It is designed to be used in situations where risks such as stacking, vertical shocks, horizontal shocks, and vibrations can occur or are likely to occur. This ensures that packaging can withstand real transport and distribution conditions, thereby minimizing potential damage to the products inside.

Covered risks

ISO 4178 standard specifies the importance of documenting a range of information during testing. This information may include:

Key information to document:

  • Detailed description of the test item, including dimensions, materials used, and construction method.
  • Exact content of the test item for testing, including product description, quantity, arrangement, and weight.
  • Environmental conditions during testing, including temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.
  • Test specifics, including test methods employed, equipment, sequences, and success or failure criteria.
  • Test results, including any deformation or damage observed on the package or its contents.

In summary

By providing clear guidelines on the information to document during tests, ISO 4178 standard helps ensure that packaging is rigorously and standardizedly tested, thus providing increased protection during transport and distribution.

FAQ on ISO 4178 Standard

ISO 4178 is an international guideline for the assessment and testing of full and filled transport packages, suitable for distribution systems. It ensures that packaging can withstand real-world transportation conditions.

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