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ISO 13820 - Fixed Platen Compression Testing Equipment: Description and Calibration

ISO 13820: key standard for compression testing on paper, cardboard, and corrugated board

ISO 13820 is an essential standard describing fixed platen compression testing equipment, widely used to test the strength of materials such as paper, cardboard, and corrugated board. This standard plays a crucial role in quality assurance within the packaging industry.

Understanding the fixed platen compression machine according to ISO 13820:

The fixed platen compression machine specified in ISO 13820 is designed to generate compression forces at a constant rate of deformation. This feature sets this testing equipment apart from the beam deflection compression machine, which uses two plates – one fixed and one movable – to apply compression force. The uniform application of force by the fixed platen machine is essential for obtaining precise and reliable test results.

Advantages and reliability of ISO 13820 in testing laboratories:

ISO 13820 standard emphasizes the advantages of the fixed platen compression machine, including its reliability and ability to test a wide range of compression levels. These features make this machine a preferred choice in modern testing laboratories. Furthermore, the performance of this equipment is clearly defined and internationally accepted, facilitating consistent and accurate calibration.

Associated ISO standards and application in compression testing:

ISO 13820 specifies several tests for which the fixed platen compression machine is applicable, including standards such as ISO 3035, ISO 3037, ISO 7263, ISO 12192, ISO 13821, and ISO 16945. by adhering to these standards, laboratories ensure consistency and reliability in their compression tests on paper, cardboard, and corrugated board.

Why use ISO 13820?

ISO 13820 is an indispensable standard in the packaging industry, offering precise guidelines for compression testing. Its use ensures the quality and reliability of materials used, a crucial aspect for manufacturers and consumers in the packaging sector.


ISO 13820 is a standard that describes the use of the fixed-platform compression machine for compression testing of materials such as paper and cardboard.

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