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H00-080 - Stacking Test with Static Load and Lateral Mechanical Stress

Evaluation of packaging performance according to standard H00-080: transport and storage conditions

The H00-080 standard plays a pivotal role in evaluating packaging performance for transportation and shipping. It establishes a specific testing method to assess the robustness of fully loaded packaging against the multiple challenges encountered during maritime transportation, including static loading conditions and lateral mechanical stresses. These stresses are frequently observed during maritime transport, storage on inclined surfaces, handling with forklifts, and under the influence of wind.

Test details: resistance and lateral rigidity of packaging

The test aims to determine not only the packaging's resistance and the protection it offers to its contents but also its lateral rigidity when subjected to stacking and lateral mechanical stresses. These stresses, whether continuous or alternating, do not exceed a frequency of 1 Hz.

Test procedure: simulating maritime transport and storage conditions

The test can be performed individually, where the combined effects of vertical compression and lateral stress are measured. It can also be part of a broader series of tests intended to verify the packaging's ability to withstand the typical stresses of distribution circuits involving these risks.

Evaluation criteria: packaging performance under static loads and mechanical stresses

Once the packaging is stacked according to prevailing standards, a static load is applied. Lateral mechanical stress is then introduced, either continuously or alternately, with a maximum frequency of 1 Hz. The packaging's performance is judged based on its ability to withstand these stresses without experiencing significant structural damage.

In summary

Standard H00-080 provides a precise reference framework for assessing the robustness of packaging in demanding transportation and storage conditions. By following these testing protocols, packaging manufacturers can ensure that their products not only meet safety standards but are also optimized for resilience and content protection under all circumstances.

FAQ on standard H00-080

The main objective of Standard H00-080 is to assess the performance of packaging used in transportation and shipping. It establishes testing methods to measure the robustness of packaging against challenges in maritime transportation, including static loads and lateral mechanical stresses.

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