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EN 15433 - Measurement of Transport Stress

The NF EN 15433 series of standards focuses on the measurement and analysis of dynamic mechanical transport loads, which is essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of goods transportation. These standards are divided into six parts, each addressing a specific aspect of the process. Here is a technical overview of each part of the NF EN 15433 standard.

NF EN 15433-1: General requirements

The first part of this series of standards, NF EN 15433-1, establishes the general requirements to be followed when measuring and evaluating dynamic mechanical transport loads. This part is crucial for standardizing the measurements conducted and ensuring consistency between data produced by different parties.

NF EN 15433-2: Data acquisition and general requirements for measuring equipment

NF EN 15433-2 specifies the requirements regarding the preparation, execution, and documentation of transport measurements. It emphasizes the rigor in data collection and the importance of using accurate and reliable measuring equipment to obtain precise data.

NF EN 15433-3: Data validity checking and data editing for evaluation

The third part, NF EN 15433-3, deals with data validity checking and data editing for evaluation. This part defines procedures for assessing the validity of the results obtained in accordance with EN 15433-2 and evaluating those results.

NF EN 15433-4: Data analysis

NF EN 15433-4 provides guidelines on instruments, procedures, and parameters used for analyzing dynamic data. It highlights the importance of using digital FFT signal processors or suitable FFT computers. This part of the standard is also applicable to other types of signal processing procedures as long as the analysis parameters are equivalent.

NF EN 15433-5: Derivation of test specifications

The fifth part of the series, NF EN 15433-5, provides guidance on deriving test specifications from data acquired in accordance with EN 15433-2, EN 15433-3, and EN 15433-4.

NF EN 15433-6: Automatic recording for random shocks in transport monitoring

The final part of the series, NF EN 15433-6, concerns automatic recording systems for measuring random shocks occurring during transport monitoring. It provides guidance on the use of these systems to gather accurate and reliable data on the dynamic loads experienced by an object during transportation.

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