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ASTM F2981 - Testing Nonporous Flexible Barrier Material Air Resistance

Evaluation of flexible barrier material strength according to ASTM F2981 standard

The ASTM F2981 standard, issued by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), defines an essential testing method to evaluate the strength of non-porous flexible barrier materials against the passage of air. This method plays a key role in the packaging industry, particularly in verifying medical devices' compliance with microbial barrier requirements. It is also recognized in Annex C of ISO 11607-1 standard.

Characteristics and application of ASTM F2981 standard

The scope of this testing method is specifically designed to test an essential property of flexible barrier materials: their ability to effectively block the passage of air through their membrane structure. These materials, characterized by their non-porosity, are subjected to a controlled volume of air under pressure for a specified duration, following the guidelines of ASTM F2981 standard. This test is vital to ensure the reliability and safety of packaging used in the medical sector.

Limitations and specifics of the testing method

It is important to note that the ASTM F2981 testing method does not measure the diffusion properties of a material. It also does not aim to identify or quantify structural damages like pinholes that could cause leaks. The primary objective of this standard is to ensure that barrier materials used in medical devices are effective against air infiltration, a critical criterion for protection against microbial contamination.

In summary

Adopting the ASTM F2981 standard in packaging material tests is a guarantee of quality and safety, especially in the medical sector where microbial barrier requirements are stringent. This standard is an indispensable tool for packaging professionals, ensuring that the materials used meet international safety and efficiency standards.

FAQ on ASTM F2981 standard for evaluating the resistance of flexible barrier materials

ASTM F2981 is a testing method issued by the American Society for Testing and Materials, designed to evaluate the resistance of non-porous flexible barrier materials to the passage of air.

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