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ASTM F2825 - Climatic Stressing of Packaging for Single Parcel Delivery

ASTM F2825 standard for packaging in varied climatic conditions

The ASTM F2825 standard represents a crucial standardized method for assessing the ability of a packaging system to withstand a range of climatic stresses. Used globally, this standard ensures the protection of products during distribution, minimizing the risks of damage or alterations.

Practical application of the standard in distribution

This standard is frequently applied as a pre-conditioning process for express delivery systems (one to two nights) of a package. It also serves as a standalone test to assess the resistance of packaging systems to various climatic stresses. It will need to be supplemented for complete validation with ASTM D4169 tests.

Foundations and recommendations of the standard

The conditions tested by ASTM F2825 are based on real data from transportation, handling, and storage. The recommended exposure levels reflect current industry practices and published studies, targeting climatic averages rather than extremes.

Limitations and scope of ASTM F2825 standard

It's important to note that this standard is designed for short-term climatic stresses. It is not suitable for extended distribution environments, as it could provide inaccurate results for certain types of containers, particularly cardboard ones.

Specific exclusions of the standard

ASTM F2825 does not cover specific storage conditions such as refrigerated storage, frozen food, or cryogenic storage. It focuses solely on typical climatic environments encountered in various regions of the world.


ASTM F2825 is a standardized method used globally to assess the ability of packaging systems to withstand various climatic stresses, ensuring product protection during distribution.

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