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ASTM F2824: mechanical seal strength test for round cups with peelable lids

Analyzing the mechanical strength of packaging seals with ASTM F2824

The ASTM F2824 standard, officially titled 'Standard Test Method for Mechanical Seal Strength Testing of Round Cups and Bowl Containers with Flexible Peelable Lids', plays a pivotal role in improving the quality of flexible packaging seals. Its comparison with the ASTM F88 test method, which focuses on a limited portion of the seal, highlights its comprehensive approach in measuring the mechanical strength across the entire sealed area.

Role in packaging safety

This test method, centered on rigid and semi-rigid containers, contributes to packaging safety by enabling a detailed analysis of the seal. By completely peeling off the seal, it provides precise data on the strength and uniformity of the seal along its entirety.

Flexibility and application in various packaging shapes

In addition to measuring the continuous and maximum forces required to separate the lid or membrane from the round container, ASTM F2824 offers flexibility in its application. While it uses a standard peel angle of 45°, the standard allows for experimentation with different angles if documented and validated, opening possibilities for containers of varied shapes such as ovals or rectangles. This adaptability makes the standard relevant for a wide range of products, including ready meals, creams, and pharmaceuticals, thus expanding its application in the packaging industry.

FAQ on ASTM F2824 standard for mechanical strength of packaging seals

ASTM F2824 is a standard test method for measuring the mechanical strength of seals for round-bottom containers and bowls with flexible peelable lids. It is used to assess the quality of flexible packaging seals.

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