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ASTM F2250 - Assessing Chemical Resistance of Inks & Coatings on Flexible Packaging

ASTM F2250 - Standard Practice for Evaluation of Chemical Resistance of Printed Inks and Coatings on Flexible Packaging Materials:

ASTM F2250 provides guidelines for assessing the chemical resistance of printed inks and coatings used on flexible packaging materials. Flexible packaging materials are often exposed to different chemicals throughout their life cycle, such as water, alcohol, or acids. It is essential that the ink or coating on these materials do not degrade, dissolve, or soften under such exposure.

The ASTM F2250 standard applies specifically to surface printed and coated materials that are designed to withstand contact with a specific chemical. The test chemicals should not damage or degrade the substrate that has been printed or coated.

The standard outlines four different testing methods, ranked in terms of severity from Method A to Method D. These methods are selected based on the anticipated type of exposure.

Method A, known as the pouring method, is used in situations where incidental exposure is anticipated, such as a chemical spill or splash. Methods B and C are used when chemical resistance is necessary, and the choice between the two depends on the anticipated level of exposure and abrasion. Method D is for cases where there is continuous contact between the chemical and the material, requiring the material to be completely chemical-proof.

It is important to note that ASTM F2250 does not address the acceptability criteria. These must be determined through a joint agreement between the user and the product's producer, based on the type of exposure anticipated.

The scope of ASTM F2250 encompasses the procedure for evaluating an ink, overprint varnish, or coating's ability to resist chemical exposure. The specific chemical and test method are chosen by the users in discussion, and the standard offers suggestions for how to measure and collect data.

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